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The Rand Cam Engine

RadMax Engine

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Tony Cuthbert
5th Generation Rand Cam Engine
Theory of Operation
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Pakistan Contract

I was very excited when I first seen this version of the Rand Cam Engine. But alas I was dissapointed.

So close yet so far..

Tonys Archived RadMax Site

The first site was taken offline over concerns from Tony Cuthbert. But he managed to archive it. I guess Tony threatened to sue.

I contacted Rob Grisar the guy with the big smile holding the little engine, but he was not interested in what I had to say.

Regardless I gave them a zero chance of success for that version.

The first version failed critical tests as it was supposed to be used for the SWARM military plane. After that the Rand Cam Stock dropped into the penny abyss.


I guess Radmax lawyers felt that Tony doesn't have any valid claims and released their second generation RadMax.


Their RadMax® Heat Energy Recuperation Engine (HERE) is total crap. Only the Military could afford to develop shit like this.

They are adding complexity and excessive amounts of heat. Jim was right in that todays engineers are fixated with heat.

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