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The Rand Cam Engine

Theory of Operation

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5th Generation Rand Cam Engine
Theory of Operation
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Theory of Operation

The original design called for a split cycle feature.  It how ever only split the 8 cycles to 4 cycles on each side of the rotor.
Each side has four cycles, Intake, Compression, Power and Exhaust.
My design truely splits the cycles on the Intake and Compression rotor and the Power and Exhaust rotor.  Each rotor can be optimized for different rpm ranges.
The power stroke can be optimized for the particular fuel used.

RadMax version

The RadMax engine opted to go for 12 vanes because it was thought that it would increase power output.
The rpm was very high because of the small nature of the engine.  This left little time for the fuel burn.  And in the short time that it did have the overlap reduced efficiency.

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