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The Rand Cam Engine

Axial Vector Engine

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5th Generation Rand Cam Engine
Theory of Operation
Axial Vector
Pakistan Contract

During my research on similar geometric shapes to the Cams I ran across the Axial Vector Engine.

At first glance I was excited to see a similar waveform on the axial vector. There was much promises made by Axial Vector.

Then upon further review I found out that they ran into problems with the sinsoidal part.

Lots and lots of money has gone into development of this engine. Probably more than John has sunk into the Rand Cam Engine.

I haven't checked on there progress since last year but at that time the stock market reviewers compared it to vapour ware.

Have a close look at the high resolution video and you will see what I mean by similar to the cams on the Rand Cam Engine.

I was thinking trying to contact them about the geometry problems and offer to fix them.

Dale Robinson * Box 196 * Waglisla * BC * V0T 1Z0