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The Rand Cam Engine

Student F1

Student F1
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5th Generation Rand Cam Engine
Theory of Operation
Axial Vector
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The above link is a 3D PDF file that was made in a CAD/CAM program called Alibre.

It shows the cam in interactive 3D.

I like watching Formula One as it represents the pinnacle of engineering technology.

United Colors of Bennington claimed or should I say bragged that they could put a man on the moon if they wanted to.

The student F1 is to foster development of engineers in University.

Cam Profile designed for the Student F1 Challenge in the Formula Student Alternative Energy Class 1A

Engine size = 250cc or 15.25 CID

Turbo or Supercharging permitted

Estimated Power

@ 1 HP/CID = 15

@ 2 HP/CID = 30

@ 3 HP/CID = 45 (Current Maximum for Production Engines)

@ 5.5 HP/CID = 84 (Current F1 Power to displacement ratio)


The above picture is a Matlab plot of the cam profile designed for the Student F1 engine. Matlab is the defacto standard for technical computing. If Matlab can't calculate it then it is wrong.

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