I do like this design and think they have a reasonable chance of success. (60/40)

I had a similar idea but was more of a modified 2 stroke in which their was zero volume at top dead centre.

The compressed gases was transferred very much like the Scuderi to the optimum point in the stroke.

When I finish with the Rand Cam Engine I will play around with this idea in Solidworks.


This was my inspiration for splitting the cycles. I had thought of two rotors like the one on the 5th Generation page but for a larger engine I would have a two piece rotor. I will have a separate page for that later.


The basic premise of the Scuderi is to delay ignition as much as the piston engine can. This is done by offsetting the pistons on the crankshaft. Also one piston only responsible for intake and compression. Another piston is responsible for power and exhaust.