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Fuel Efficiency  «
John Robertson
The Rand Cam Engine
Thursday, 1 January 2009
I have a good feeling about this year
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Fuel Efficiency


These guys are on the right track.  This is a summary of the press release;

Davis, CA, May 14, 2008 – Moller International (OTC-BB: MLER) announced today that it has achieved a major breakthrough in rotary engine performance. A version of the Company’s Rotapower® engine is designed in such a way that the engine’s two rotors operate in series rather than parallel. This design allows the first compressor/expansion rotor to supercharge the second power rotor while the exhaust from the power rotor is further expanded in the compressor/expansion rotor, extracting additional power. In effect, the engine operates in what is termed a compound cycle. Because of the additional energy captured from the exhaust gases, engine noise is reduced by 93% and exhaust temperature is reduced by 47%. Moller International’s non-compounded Rotapower® rotary engine has already demonstrated a fuel consumption 12% below that of the new Mazda Renesis rotary engine. Compounding is expected reduce the Rotapower® engine’s fuel consumption by an additional 25%.

The Wankel still suffers from a geometry problem that is similar to the piston engine and it would be difficult to over come with super charging or turbo charging.  However the compounding effect is a step in the right direction.  My version has this effect but it does not need the exhaust recirculation.  This wasted exhaust is from the bad geometry and to get rid of the waste the geometry has to be changd.

Posted by sharpshooter6543210 at 12:39 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, 1 January 2009 1:35 AM PST
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Saturday, 20 December 2008
10 Dollars a Gallon
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Fuel Efficiency

With the rise of gasoline to almost 7 dollars a gallon in my home town it won't take long for consumers to demand more fuel efficient vehicles.  Also Governments will have to legislate in manditory fuel efficiency.

 I set a time table in my mind that once fuel hit 10 dollars a gallon I will be able to raise the necessary capital to build my version of the RCE.

Update: even though the price of fuel came down recently, it was only because the Americans dropped their driving by 30 percent in response to the high prices.  In my home town it is still 6.67 a gallon and is affecting the food prices all round.

Unless Uncle Sam legislates mandatory efficiency it is still business as usual...

Posted by sharpshooter6543210 at 1:12 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 December 2008 5:37 PM PST
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